Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone & National Forests

Snowmobile operators in West Yellowstone need to have a valid driver’s license or snowmobile safety certificate.

We urge residents and visitors alike to observe ‘quiet hours’ from 10pm – 7am by refraining from behaviors or activities that would interfere with the natural peace and tranquility that makes West Yellowstone an inviting place for visitors and residents.

Sleds need to meet specific noise and exhaust levels (set to factory stock standards – piped and engine enhanced sleds do not meet these standards). The State of Montana has adopted this same rule as a State Noise Level law and the town of West Yellowstone also enforces. The Forest Service may choose to enforce the State Law as well.

Snowmobiling in Montana and Idaho does require the purchase of non-resident tags – Montana – $15/sled/season and Idaho – $21.50/sled/season. Those are available at various places in West Yellowstone.

No riding is allowed on Highways 20 or 191(Canyon Street) either inside West Yellowstone or outside of town.

Follow road sign speed limits in West Yellowstone. Trails have a maximum speed limit of 45 mph or less where posted.

Operating snowmobiles while intoxicated is illegal. No open alcohol containers, including bota bags. NO LIQUOR or DRUGS. Pack out all litter.

City streets can have dangerous icy conditions. Coast to a stop, ride staggered leaving plenty of distance between each person, be ready for sudden stops, watch for cross traffic.

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