• Our Low Profile Slide 3/8″ X 6″ X 10 ft or 12 ft has become the snowmobile trailer slide of choice. Among its distinct advantages are:

    • Versatile – 6″ wide, many grooves allows loading several different width sleds on the same pair of slides.
    • Low profile – 3/8″ thick – doesn’t get in the way for loading ATV’s or whatever else you might load on your snowmobile trailer – you won’t trip over it.
    • You can turn your skis out of our Low Profile Slides without lifting your sled up. This is important when unloading off the front of a V-nosed trailer.
    • 1.5″ long countersunk mounting slots. This allows the plastic to move like vinyl house siding and helps prevent slide buckling. All low prifile slides will buckle if you don’t allow them to expand and contract a little.
    • Solid one piece construction in 10 ft or 12 ft lengths.

    They also come with heavy duty stainless steel screws that we provide, along with clear and simple installation instructions.

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  • Slide Guides Inc. Traction Mats are 16″ wide and come in 6 foot lengths. Even snowmobiles without studs will benefit from the rubber on rubber surface provided by the Traction Mats. Traction Mats also help protect the deck against destructive carbide studs by creating a pin cushion effect. Slide Guides Inc. Traction Mats are made of rubber from recycled tires. They have a long life when used with E-Z Off slides.

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